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Kemin educates poultry leaders on trace mineral nutrition and intestinal health

Trace minerals can lead to improved health, immunity and performance of poultry


CHENNAI, India–August 8,2014 –Trace mineral nutrition is a vital area of study. However, it is one of the least frequently studied topics with only 9,000 academic citations pertaining to poultry.

To educate poultry leaders on the importance of mineral nutrition and intestinal health, Kemin held Kemin Kontact seminarson July 28-29 in Coimbatore and Bangalore, India, respectively.






Mr.SamrajJeyachandran, Kemin Senior Vice President of the animal nutrition and health division in India,welcomed the audienceand shared the company’s mission ofactingin partnership with our customers to fulfill their needs. He also emphasized the company’s commitment to improving efficienciesamong poultry operationsand overall profitability.

“Precision nutrition is not a luxury, it is a necessity,” said Dr. Chris Nelson, Worldwide President and CEO of Kemin. Nelsonexplained that trace minerals are metal propionates.In addition, he said that Kemin researched trace minerals at a time when their importance was less understood in the poultry field.




Also speaking at the seminar was Kemin Scientist Dr.M.Rajalekshmi who discussed the science behind the organic form of trace minerals and how Kemin has been actively involved in organic mineral research for the past 20 years. Rajalekshmi also explained the vital role of trace minerals in improving egg production, normal embryo development, hatchability, chick

quality and immunity. Highly bioavailable trace minerals are essential for rejuvenating the bird’s performance, achieving genetic potential and contributing to profitability.

Furthermore, DrRajalekshmi explained the importance of ligand-mineral ratio, molecular weight and stability for evaluating mineral balance. Describing the hypothesis behind mineral absorption,she said, “Dissolution, dissociation andabsorption are the mechanisms involved in mineral absorption.”




Also discussed during the program was Kemin Industries’ KemTRACE™ Chromium Propionate, which improves immunity against viral diseases, reduces hyperglycemia and mortality. The metal propionate completely solubilizes and dissociatesat the right pH(4.8)before the duodenum region - where most of the mineral absorption takes place.

The audience was captivated by the benefits of thismetal propionate, including its role in metabolizing glucose, reducing the negative effects of stress by reducing the corticosteroid levels andits immunomodulatory effect.

Kemin provides a range of exclusiveKemTRACE mineral formulations for breeders, broilers and layers. In addition to KemTRACEChromium Propionate, its product portfolio includes: KemTRACEZinc Propionate, KemTRACECopper,KemTRACEManganese and KemTRACECobalt.

Along with introducing its mineral solutions, the companyalso presentedits novel encapsulated anticoccidial product, COZANTE™, designed to improve intestinal integrity inbroilers by controlling coccidiosis. Dr. R. Chanthirasekaran, Kemin Global Product Manager,stressedthe need for intestinal health management to improve the efficiency of poultry production. COZANTE™ is the latest addition to the company’s intensive range of solutions for intestinal health management.






“COZANTE is the outcome of four years of intensive research in which more than 50 sources have been screened as active ingredients, and the efficacy of COZANTE has been proventhrough more than 100 in vitro and in vivo trials across India and Europe,” said Dr. R. Chanthirasekaran. “Therefore, the launch of COZANTE is indeed a major step forward for the industry.”

The Kemin Kontact seminars were an opportunity to educate poultry leaders on the importance of trace mineral nutrition and intestinal health management, all to ensure better profits.






Left: a cross-section of the audience atthe Kemin Kontact seminars. Right: audience members actively participate in the discussion.

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