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Evaluation of certain economic characters and estimation of heritability in 3-way cross-bred chicken flock


AICRP on Poultry Breeding, ANGRAU Rajendranagar, Hyderabad - 30


Data collected on 100 number of 3-way cross bred chicken developed by crossing Dahlem Red male line with 2-Breed cross female line (RIR x WLH) were analysed to evaluate production and reproduction traits and to estimate heritability of the traits studied. The mean value of fertility was found to be 98.4 percent and hatchability of 95.1 and 96.7 percent was observed on total eggs set and fertile eggs respectively indicating the presence of hybrid vigour. Average age at first egg was significantly lower (145 days) and found to be similar to that of White Leghorn flock. Higher body weight at 20, 40 and 64 weeks were noticed indicating the effect of the crossing of male line Dahlem Red breed. Considerably higher egg weight of 57 and 63 gm were obtained at 40 and 64 weeks respectively, due to higher body weight at that age. Lower egg production of 83 and 176 eggs were recorded at 40 and 64 weeks suggesting, that as eggs size increases, the egg production comes down because these two traits are negatively correlated in general. The average feed consumption of the flock appears to be optimum up to 20 weeks of age. The heritability estimates for economic traits ranged from moderate to high magnitude and genetic correlation were not estimable due to smaller sample size. The results suggest that this population can be further utilized as a source of germplasm to produce coloured type dual purpose bird for backyard/rural poultry.

Source : IPSACON-2005
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