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Evaluation of reciprocal crosses of two White Leghorn strains for growth, production and feed efficiency traits under deep litter system

K. Giriraj, K. Narayanankutty, P. Veeramani and P.M. RENJITH
Centre for Advanced Studies in Poultry Science, Mannuthy-680651


An experiment was conducted to evaluate the production performance of reciprocal crosses of White Leghorn strains under deep litter system. There was significant (P<0.05) difference between the reciprocal crosses for body weight at 20 weeks of age. The differences in the body weight at 40 weeks were not significant. The differences between the reciprocal crosses for production traits (age at first egg, 50% production, Hen Housed production, Hen day production and egg weight) were not significant. Differences in mean daily feed consumption was also non significant between the genetic groups. From the results it could be concluded that N X P strain cross birds excelled in body weight, egg production and feed conversion ration than P X N strain cross birds.

Source : IPSACON-2005
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