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Current status, constraints and strategy for promoting processed poultry meat products

Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics College of Veterinary Sciences
Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana-141004



Shank length, diameter and keel length of two selected strains (PL1 and PL2) and a control line of White Leghorn were studied from 2 to 52 weeks of age. The selected strain PL2 had higher shank length and diameter than strain PL1 from 2 to 16 weeks of age, i.e. prior to onset of laying. The keel length of PL2 was also, higher than of PL1 at 8 and 16 weeks of age. However, following onset of egg production, the differences between the two selected strains for these measurements became negligible. The selected strain PL2 had significantly higher shank and keel measurements than the unselected control line up to 16 to 24 weeks of age but thereafter the differences became non-significant. The shank and keel measurements increased linearly up to 16 weeks of age, and thereafter, these measurements remained static. The quadratic and multiplicative equations explained over 95% of the variation in those measurements with age. The linear, quadratic and multiplicative equations developed to describe the changes in the measurements are tabulated.

Source : IPSACON-2005
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