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Correlated response in semen quality traits due to long term selection for part period egg production

Central Avian Research Institute
Izatnagar-243122 U.P.


Three White Leghorn lines, two selected for part period egg production (IWG and IWI) and other maintained as pedigreed randombred control lone (IWC) to measure the environmental trend were utilized in the present study. The semen quality traits of all the available males were measured in both lines. The control line was genetically stable and control deviated selected line means provide an estimate of total realized genetic response for semen quality traits over generations. The realised genetic response over a period of 18 generations of selection were -0609 and -0850 for semen appearance and colour, -0.022 and -0040 c.c. for semen volume per ejaculate, -1.538 and -1.884x 10 9per c.c. for density of spermatozoa, 5.230 and 5.820 n.mol of formazon/monute/10 9 spermatozoa for fertilizing ability, 0.574 and 0.921% for proportion of live spermatozoa, -0.312 and -0.241% for proportion of abnormal spermatozoa, -0.496 and -0.645x109 for total sperms per ejaculate, -10472 and -1.743x10 9 /cc for concentration of live spermatozoa and -0.395 and -0.410x10 9/cc for abnormal spermatozoa in IWG and IWJ lines, respectively. There was an improvement in the fertilizing ability of spermatozoa due to long term selection for part period egg production in both lines.

Source : IPSACON-2005
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