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Evaluation of two strains of White Leghorn on the basis of various economic traits

AICRP on Poultry Improvement ,College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences
Mannuthy, Thrissur, Kerala - 680 651


The data on age at first egg, body weight at 16, 40 weeks, egg weight at 28, 40 weeks and egg production at 40, 64 weeks belonging to S20 generation of IWN & IWP strains were studied for evaluation of these strains. A total progenies of 2120 in IWN and 2112 in IWP were utilized for generating the data. The effect of hatch was significant for most of the traits between strains. The IWP strain started laying 6.3 days prior to IWN strain. Body weight showed marginal difference between strains at different ages. Egg weight at 28 and 40 weeks were higher in IWN (50.63 & 54.26) than IWP (50.42 & 54.01). The egg production at 40 and 64 weeks showed an increasing trend in IWP than IWN strain. It may be concluded that the crossing between IWN male with IWP female will be suitable for commercial exploitation for producing more number of eggs with better egg weight.

Source : IPSACON-2005
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