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Economics of rearing desi chicken breeders under intensive system and their chicks on supplemental ration to market - a field study

Department of Poultry Science
Madras Veterinary College Chennai - 600 007


The study involved desi chicken breeders maintained under intensive system. A total of 250 desi breeder hens at point of lay were purchased from different local sources and reared under intensive system on deep letter with a mean floor space of 0.30 m 2. Males were introduced with a sex ratio of 1:10 . Mean hen day egg production (%) was found to be 18.98  1.62 and mean number of chicks per 100 hatching eggs 84.23  1.19 upon custom hatching. They were fed a breeder ration with 16% crude protein and 2620 kcal ME/kg. Data were collected over a period of 44 weeks from the date of completion of purchase of breeder hens. Mean daily feed consumption (g) worked to 138.46  2.08. Cost of production of a desi day old chick averaged Rs. 10.86. They were kept under brooding and intensive rearing up to 4 weeks of age and fed chick mash ad libitum. Afterwards, they were left out during daytime to move around one free range and housed during night in a cage 8. They were fed a supplemental grower mash of 20 g per day at 5 weeks up to a maximum of 50 g per day at 15th week. The chicks were maintained in units of about 250. Growth pattern and feed consumption were recorded in six units. Growth curve changes indicated that commercial desi growers can be profitably sold at 14-15 weeks of age. Market weight (kg) averaged at 1.180  0.012 with a mean feed efficiency of 2.86, 0.16 exclusive of range feed. Cost of production of a desi grower to market worked out to be Rs. 58.50, 1.85 inclusive of chick cost.

Source : IPSACON-2005
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