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Economic rationale of rearing broiler on small scale

*Dept. of Animal Nutrition, Veterinary College, Bidar
**Agricultural Marketing, College of Agriculture, Bijapur


Three batches of 167 broilers each were reared on deep litter in a shed measuring 10x20ft for seven weeks to analyse the economic feasibility of small scale broiler farming. All the birds were fed commercial diet ad libitum. The total cost of broiler production per bird was Rs. 84.90 of which fixed cost constituted 1.76% while variable cost accounted for 98.24 % of which 65.32 % was the feed cost, 13.31 % chick cost, 7.07% labour cost, 3.23% health coverage, 2.66% electricity charges and 1.09% miscellaneous charges.The return from the farm indicated highest of 98.64% of returns was realized from sale of birds and only 1.36 % from manure. The birds were sold at Rs. 38.33 per kg. of broiler produced with an average live weight of 2.27 kg. The net return per bird was Rs. 3.32 and the cost of production of 1 kg live weight was Rs. 37.40. The benefit cost ratio was 1.04: 1.0 and the break even point was 208 which indicate birds at which broiler farm would break even at this point where revenue realized could meet cost of production. Further it suggests charges on feed and labour have to be minimized to make the small scale broiler farming profitable.

Source : IPSACON-2005
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