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An analysis of investment pattern in commercial broiler units in Andaman

Central Agricultural Research Institute
P.B.No.181, Port Blair - 744 101 Andaman & Nicobar Islands


The place for poultry is no more in backyard in Andaman and Nicobar islands as many entrepreneurs have entered in this industry and found it highly remunerative. Particularly, people have taken up broiler farming in these islands on commercial lines. As any advanced farming practices require investment on fixed farm assets, those who are in broiler farming activity also makes sizeable investment at the time of starting their farm in these islands. Under this scenario, a study was taken up to work out the investment pattern on different fixed assets such as land, building and equipments used in commercial broiler farming in Andaman district. Simple random sampling technique was used for data collection. About 60 broiler farms of having different sizes, viz. small (< 300 birds), medium (301 - 900 birds) and large (> 901 birds) were selected in South Andaman island. Tabular analysis was used to analyse the investments made on fixed assets such as land, buildings (poultry sheds, store room and office room) and poultry equipment (feeder, waterer, buckets, mugs, electrical fittings etc.) for different sized broiler units. The overall total investment for small farms was found to be Rs. 1, 26, 024, of which 59.53 per cent was on land, 38.09 per cent on buildings and 2.38 per cent on poultry equipment. The investment for medium sized farms was found to be Rs. 4, 85, 280, of which 56.46 per cent was on land, 40.96 per cent on buildings and 2.58 per cent on poultry equipment. Similarly, the same for large sized farms was found to be Rs. 5, 23, 500, of which 38.20 per cent was on land, 57.31 per cent on buildings and 4.49 per cent on poultry equipment. Thus major part of total investment was found to have been made on land in case of small and medium farms, followed by those on buildings and equipment, whereas in case of large farms the major investment was on poultry sheds, followed by on land and equipment.

Source : IPSACON-2005
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