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A note on the demand of some livestock products in relation to price change

Central Avian Research Institute, Izatnagar - 243 122


Samples of 170 households from each of rural and urban sectors of Bareilly district was selected by adopting multistage stratified random sampling procedure. The data on family budget, consumption and expenditure on livestock products (milk, egg, chicken, meat and fish) and other food and non food items and their prices were recorded by interviewing head of family with the help of pre tested questionnaire. The value of partial price elasticity for milk were – 1.78 and – 0.34 for rural and urban sectors respectively indicating that demand for milk is more susceptible to change with respect to change in milk prices in rural area as compared to urban area. It is evident that milk is considered an item of luxury in rural area and it is necessity in urban area. On the other hand egg, chicken, meat and fish are less sensitive to price change as indicated by the elasticity estimates for egg (-0.597 for rural area, -0.22 for urban area), chicken (-0.417 for rural area, -0.07 for urban area), meat (-0.314 for rural area, -0.01 for urban area) and fish (-0.513 for rural area and –0.04 for urban area). Thus these items are considered items of fad, craze and hobby in both the sectors.

Source : IPSACON-2005
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