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Returns from broiler farms - study in Uttaranchal state

Department of Livestock Production & Management
G.B.P.U.A. & T, Pantnagar (U.S.Nagar) - 263145


The present investigation was envisaged to study the current technology adaptation & returns from broiler farms as influenced by the size of operation of the entrepreneur in Kashipur and Ramnagar areas of Uttaranchal state. The main source of return in broiler farms was from sale of broiler birds. The maximum return from the sale per broiler was Rs. 48.10 on large size farms, where as lowest in small size farms Rs. 46.59/ broiler. The overall average return per bird was Rs 47.33 broiler. It accounted for 98.00, 97.90 & 97.94% of the total return from farm, respectively. The return from the sale of empty gunny bags per broiler in small, medium & large size farms were Re. 0.287, 0.311 & 0.297, respectively, which accounted for 0.617% of the total return on an average. The returns from sale of manure were maximum of Rs. 0.738 per bird on small size farms. This accounted for 1.48 percent of the total returns from broiler farm. The maximum overall net return was found on large size farms i.e. Rs. 10.20/broiler & lowest on small size farms Rs. 8.59/ broiler. The overall average net return was Rs. 9.34/ broiler.

Source : IPSACON-2005
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