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Quality attributes and shelf life evaluation of chicken haleem under refrigerated storage condition (4±1° C)

National Research Centre on meat CRIDA Campus,
Santoshnagar, Hyderabad


Chicken Haleem, a traditional chicken based product of Hyderabad was evaluated for it’s quality attributes and shelf life at refrigerated storage (4±1° C). The product was procured from restaurents and haleem selling shops at Hyderabad during Ramzan month and evaluated for proximate composition, pH, instrumental colour, thiobarbituric acid value (TBA), aerobic plate counts (APC) and sensory attributes viz., appearance, flavour, juiciness and overall acceptability immediately after purchase and at 5 days interval up to 15 days. The chicken meat based haleem had 79.1% moisture, 6.5% protein and 7% fat. The instrumental colour measurement showed a lightness value (L*) of 62.45%, redness value (a*) of 6.19 and yellowness value (b*) of 25.81. The initial value of pH, TBA and aerobic plate counts were 6.75, 0.62 and 4.5 (Log / g) respectively. During the storage period there was a significant (P< 0.05) increase in pH, TBA and microbial counts. However, there was no significant change in colour scores during storage period. A significant (P< 0.05) reduction in the sensory attributes viz., flavour and overall acceptability noticed as the refrigerated storage period progressed. Based on the physico-chemical, microbiological and sensory evaluation, the aerobically packed chicken haleem was acceptable up to 10 days at refrigerated condition.

Source : IPSACON-2005
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