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Refrigerated shelf-life of batter-breaded albumen rings as influenced by packaging

Central Avian Research Institute, Izatnagar - 243 122 (U.P.)


Albumen rings were prepared as per the procedures standardized in this laboratory, coated with composite batter containing 25% wheat flour and 15% gram flour (w/v in filtered water), rolled into bread crumbs and deep fried (205 °C oil temperature) for 15-20 sec. The rings were then packaged under vacuum in laminated aluminium foil pouches or aerobically heat sealed in flexible LDPE pouches (250G) and analyzed for physico-chemical, microbiological and sensory quality at periodic intervals during refrigerated storage (4 ±1 °C). Progressive increase in weight loss and TBA values was observed with storage time in both packaging groups, but the rate of increase was slower in vacuum than in aerobic packaging. pH of product increased by 0.56 units in vacuum and 0.81 units in aerobic pack on 4 th day and thereafter increased marginally as the storage progressed. There was a significant decrease in moisture content of the product in both packaging treatments with advancement of storage, but crude protein and ether extractives were not affected. Although the aerobic plate counts registered significant (P<0.05) increase with storage time, the counts were lower in vacuum than in air packaging and were well below the microbiologically satisfactory limits of food products. Coliforms, staphylococci and yeast and moulds were not detected in any sample throughout the storage, but few colonies of anaerobes were seen on 20 th day of storage. Sensory evaluation revealed decline in appearance, texture, flavor and overall acceptability ratings with storage time, irrespective of packaging treatments, but the vacuum packed rings consistently received higher ratings over air-packed samples and remained sensorily acceptable for up to 18 days in vacuum and 12 days in aerobic pack at refrigeration temperature.

Source : IPSACON-2005
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