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Evaluation of merit of processing heavy weight broilers for value added convenience chicken products

Division of Livestock Products Technology
Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar, UP - 243 122


With the increasing poultry population and changes in life-style the demand for value added products (VAP) is increasing greatly as it incorporates convenience to consumers and economic advantages to producers and processors. Development of further processed and value added convenience poultry products is dependent on yield and quality of meat and byproducts and deboning efficiency. These aspects are influenced by live weight and dressed weight of boilers. Worldover higher weight broilers are processed for production of value added products.

In this study quality of VAP prepared from broilers of different live weight groups obtained from local market was evaluated. Whole meat products namely microwave cooked, grilled and tandoori breast fillets (Pectoralis major) and chicken tenders (Pectoralis minor) and emulsion products namely nuggets and patties were prepared from broilers grouped under low (<1700g), medium (1700-2200g) and heavy (>2200g) live weight groups and cooking yield, shear force, proximate composition and sensory evaluation were carried out for each product. Cooking yields of the products increased gradually with the increasing live weight, moisture content decreased whereas protein and fat content increased with increasing body weight of broilers. Sensory scores for appearance, flavors, juiciness, texture and overall palatability increased with increasing live weight of broilers. Micro-waved, grilled and tandoori fillets and tenders of heavy weight broilers exhibited superior protein content with very low fat content. Nuggets and patties prepared from low weight birds exhibited significantly lower (P<0.01) Warner-Bratzler shear force values with comparatively softer texture than the medium and heavy weight broilers. Hence, the usual problem of broiler meat of being too tender for cookery method could be overcome to some extent by preparing products from heavy weight broilers. Sensory scores for texture also increased gradually with increasing live weights. The study revealed that products prepared from heavy weight broilers were highly acceptable with higher cooking yields and protein content compared to the products prepared from low and medium weight broiler. High value products such as chicken tenders (Pectoralis minor) could be produced with better acceptability due to better yield and quality of this muscle in heavy weight broilers.

Source : IPSACON-2005
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