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Consumers’ attitude, buying behaviour and consumption pattern of chicken meat at household level

Central Avian Research Institute, Izatnagar (U.P.) 243 122
*Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute, New Delhi – 110012
E-mail : [email protected]


A random sample survey on the household consumers’ perception, buying behaviour and consumption pattern of chicken meat was conducted in randomly selected 8 villages and 2 urban localities of Bareilly district (U.P.). Primary data on these aspects were collected during 2002 from a total of 100 households, 10 from each of these sampling units using a well-structured interview schedule. The survey revealed that chevon (goat meat) was the most preferred meat (63.9%) by the urban and rural respondents combined together followed by poultry (chicken) meat (30.2%) and the other meats. However, a marked difference in household preference for type of meat was found between urban and rural areas. While chicken meat was 1 st preference of the majority (43.9%) of urban households, chevon (goat meat) was 1 st preference of majority (70.3%) of the rural households. Preference expressed by a small fraction of household consumers for pork (0.2%) and carabeef (5.4%) was based on the religious sentiments of respondents. And within poultry meat, the first choice expressed by the respondents was maximum (88%) for meat from desi chicken.

The survey further revealed that fresh (hot) dressed chicken was preferred most by the majority (89.8%) of respondents followed by live bird purchase and least preference for chilled/ frozen chicken. Value-added, convenience poultry products appeared to be 2 nd or 3 rd choice of about 1/4 th of respondents. Majority (38.7%) of the respondents consumed poultry meat once a fortnight, 33.8% once a week, 5.1% twice a week, 2.5% thrice a week and the rest (20%) of them consumed very rarely. Majority (61.8%) of the respondents cited taste including tenderness as the important determinant factor, while 31.1% expressed nutritive value as the other reason for preference of chicken meat. However, only 6% of the respondents pointed out easy availability of chicken meat in their respective places as the reason of its preference over other meats. Majority (91.2%) of the respondents purchased chicken from the retail meat shops and the rest from nearby poultry farms, backyard poultry keepers or village hat. The quantity of chicken purchased varied from 1 to 2 kg at a time at a price ranging from Rs. 40 to Rs. 60/ kg live weight and from Rs. 55 to Rs.72/ kg dressed weight. As expected, desi chicken fetched higher price than farm bred chicken in the survey areas. The most common poultry meat delicacy in family was found to be chicken curry (88.7%), followed by chicken biryani (5.2%), fried/ roasted chicken (3.5%) and chicken keema (2.6%) in descending order.

Source : IPSACON-2005
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