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Development of versatile products from chicken liver

Division of livestock Products Technology
Indian Veterinary research Institute, Izatnagar


Chicken liver is a nutritious variety meat and a very good source of protein and vitamins and yield ranges from 30-35g and forms 2-3% of live weight. It contains about 24-25% protein, 5-6% fat and 70-75% moisture. Chicken liver has a unique flavour and texture, which do not find flavour in product preparation. Hence special attention is required to prepare highly acceptable products from liver. Further processing of liver into value added products provides better avenues for its marketing. With growth in centralized chicken processing, disposal of chicken liver need consideration. There is need for development of simple technologies in developing countries to provide a variety of liver products, to reduce the cost of production and adoption by a large number of entrepreneurs as small-scale enterprise and adding liver products to the existing products range.

Chicken livers were utilized to produce the following versatile marinated whole liver and minced liver products employing various simple processing and cooking methods viz. grilled liver, baked liver, tandoori liver, liver curry, liver fry, seekh kabab, microwave cooked liver, shami kabab, liver paste and enrobed shami kabab. All the liver products were acceptable except that the whole liver products, which were slightly dark in colour and minced liver products were soft in texture. Among marinated products liver curry, liver fry and grilled liver were found to be highly acceptable. Colour turned towards darker side for baked, microwave and tandoor liver. Consumer preferences for different liver products could be different and hence providing a wide variety of products would satisfy a large number of consumers. Seekh kababs incorporating minced chicken liver at 25% in chicken meat emulsion found to be a highly acceptable liver product. Small-scale production of liver products would be appropriate for better utilization of chicken liver with increased marketing avenues.

Source : IPSACON-2005
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