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Quality of chicken nuggets enrobed with black gram, green gram and lentil flours

Division of Livestock Products Technology
Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar


The process of enrobing/coating meat products with edible food ingredients significantly improves their sensory attributes, texture profiles and nutritive value. Hence, an attempt was made to further enhance the value and palatability of chicken nuggets by enrobing with flours of different pulses. The emulsion based chicken nuggets were made from the meat and byproducts of broiler culled hens using already developed formulations and processing methods. Nuggets coated with egg liquid were dusted with black gram, green gram or lentil flours or their combination along with other breading material such as bengal gram flour, corn flour, semolina, rusk, salt, spices etc. They were deep fat fried till they got golden brown colour. Black gram flour contributed good binding of breading material with the nuggets. They were highly acceptable and rated good. Use of black gram batter resulted in loose binding and separation of batter covering after frying. Panelists preferred the nuggets enrobed with black gram flour than its batter. Although there was no significant difference among the sensory attributes of the enrobed nuggets with different flours, the flavour, crispiness and overall acceptability of the chicken nuggets enrobed with combination of flours was found better.

Source : IPSACON-2005
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