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The Featured Articles covers several different topics related to all aspects of rearing poultry. The articles are written by experts on topics specific to the relevant section of the industry. Articles can be browsed by clicking the links below.
Products Technology Including Value Addition - Articles
Strategic poultry processing: a road map to poultry marketing and development  N.KONDAIAH
Current status, constraints and strategy for promoting processed poultry meat products  R.P.SINGH
Use of rice flour-based coatings in manufacture of batter-breaded albumen rings  N.K. PANDEY AND A.S. YADAV
Refrigerated shelf-life of batter-breaded albumen rings as influenced by packaging  N.K. PANDEY AND A.S. YADAV
Assessment of harvest and post-harvest losses of eggs at farm, market and household consumer  R.P. SINGH, C.K. BEURA, A.S. MAHAPATRA, H.V.L. BATHLA, G.K.JHA AND P.K.SINGH
Studies on the use of natural preservatives for preservation of chicken meat  A.S. YADAV, N.K. PANDEY AND R.P. SINGH
Antimicrobial effect of spices’ extracts against Salmonella typhimurium in chicken patties during frozen storage and its detection by PCR method  INDERJIT SINGH, A.S. YADAV, N.K.PANDEY AND R.P. SINGH
Development of versatile products from chicken liver  H. PRAGATI, N. KONDAIAH AND A.S.R. ANJANEYULU
Quality of chicken nuggets enrobed with black gram, green gram and lentil flours  A.S.R. ANJANEYULU, N. KONDAIAH, S.K. MENDIRATTA AND R.C. KESHRI
Quality of chicken meat balls incorporated with chicken byproducts and cooked meat  K. MUSHIN, N. KONDAIAH AND A.S.R. ANJANEYULU
Processing chicken meat balls from boiler spent hens with vegetable  A.K. TIWARI, N. KONDAIAH AND A.S.R. ANJANEYULU
Curry leaf powder – a promising spice ingredient for value added chicken products  N. KONDAIAH, A.S.R. ANJANEYULU AND S.K. MENDIRATTA
Influence of different binders on the quality of spent chicken meat patties  E. NAGAMALLIKA AND K. PRABHAKARA REDDY
Studies on the development and refrigerated storage of spent chicken meat loaves  K. PRABHAKARA REDDY AND E. NAGAMALLIKA
Characteristics of low-fat spent hen meat balls containing milk co-precipitates  MANISH KUMAR CHATLI
Effect of calcium chloride as a salt replacer on the quality of chicken meat emulsion  K.S.S. SAJALA AND J. SAHOO
Effect of different levels of ragi flour on certain properties of chicken patties  B.M. NAVEENA, MUTHUKUMAR, A.R. SEN AND Y. BABJI
Quality attributes and shelf life evaluation of chicken haleem under refrigerated storage condition (4±1° C)  M. MUTHUKUMAR, B.M. NAVEENA, A.R. SEN AND Y. BABJI
Effect of polyphosphate and vacuum packaging on the refrigerated storage quality of chicken chunkalona  R.P.SINGH, A.S.YADAV AND C.K.BEURA
Effect of different levels of alcoholic extract of garlic on the microbial and sensory qualities of chicken gizzard snacks  A.K. SACHDEV, A.S. YADAV AND RAM GOPAL
Evaluation of meat cholesterol content of various poultry of bay islands  A. KUNDU, S. JEYAKUMAR, R.B. RAI, D.N. BHARATHI, JAISUNDER, R.N. CHATTERJEE AND S. SENANI
Total yolk cholesterol in the eggs of rural and urban range reared and cage reared chicken in two seasons  T. VASANTHA KUMAR AND R.A. RAJINI
Evaluation of egg quality traits in indigenous Kadaknath breed of poultry  S.N.S. PARMAR, P.N. SRIVASTAVA, S.S. TOMAR, P.V.A. PILLAI, I.S. TOMAR, AND T.C. TOLENKHOMBA
Comparison of three broiler commercial stocks for meat quality traits  T. KAUR, P.K. TREHAN, BHUPINDER SINGH, S.S. THIND, AND I.S. BAJWA
Effect of age on yield of cut-up-parts and carcass components in broilers  H. PRAGATI, N. KONDAIAH, B.B. MANDAL AND P. SAIKIA
Effect of different levels of fishmeal in the diet on carcass quality of cockerels  SHIV SHANKAR KUMAR, A. PRASAD AND CHANDRAMONI
Studies on the reduction of cholesterol content in meat by incorporation of Amaranthus leaf meal (A. tricolor) in broilers  K. NAGARAJA KUMARI, P.V.V. SATYANARAYANA REDDY,
Effect of Amaranthus leaf meal (A. tricolor) on cholesterol content in eggs  K. NAGARAJA KUMARI, P.V.V. SATYANARAYANA REDDY, P. SUDHAKARA REDDY AND K. PRABHAKAR REDDY
Effect of feeding red palm oil and grain amaranth to hens on lipid cholesterol and fatty acid profile of egg and meat  A. RAJASEKHER REDDY , ANURAG CHATURVEDI , J. MURALIDHAR REDDY, T.V.N. PADMAVATHI, A.V. VASUNDHARA AND A. PUNITHA
Effect of red palm oil (Elaeis guineensis) and grain amaranth (Amaranthus paniculatus) on energy, protein, vitamin A, total and beta carotene content of egg and meat  ANURAG CHATURVEDI , A.RAJASHEKHAR REDDY , J. MURALIDHAR REDDY , T.V.N PADMAVATHI , A.V. VASUNDHARA
Effect of partial replacement of maize with casava (Manihot esculent Crantz) on meat yield of broilers  S.K. SAHOO, C.M. MAHAPATRA, B.K. PANDA, S.K. NASKAR, M.K. PADHI AND S.C. GIRI
Methods to enrich the eggs with antioxidant, cholesterol lowering, immunomodulating and other health promoting components  D. NARAHARI, P. MICHEAL RAJ, A. KIRUBAKARAN AND T. SUJATHA
Higher dietary vitamin E and selenium fed during different age periods: Influence on meat stability of broiler chicks  PRAVEEN K. TYAGI, PRAMOD K. TYAGI, A.B. MANDAL, A.V. ELANGOVAN AND R.P. SINGH
Processing; opportunities and challenges for Indian Poultry Industry in new global order  P.S. MAHESH AND N. RAJESHWARA RAO
Evaluation of merit of processing heavy weight broilers for value added convenience chicken products  H. PRAGATI, N. KONDAIAH AND A.S.R. ANJANEYULU
Economics of processing of broilers of different live weight groups for production of value added products  H. PRAGATI, N. KONDAIAH, A.S.R. ANJANEYULU AND G.S. BISHT
Survey of commercial poultry processing units – colour variation and shelf life  A.R. SEN, M. MUTHUKUMAR, B.M. NAVEENA AND Y. BABJI
Consumers’ attitude, buying behaviour and consumption pattern of chicken meat at household level  R.P. SINGH, C.K. BEURA, A.S. MAHAPATRA, H.V.L. BATHLA*, G.K.JHA* AND P.K.SINGH
Residues of some pesticides and aflatoxin in poultry tissues  C.K.BEURA AND R.P.SINGH
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