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Featured Properties :

Amrit Vihar Dayal's Arya Nagar Phase - I Radha Nagar - Phase I
Galaxy Vistas Dayal's Arya Nagar Phase - II Radha Nagar - Phase II
Neknapur Dayal Gardens Phase - I Radha Nagar - Phase III
Tumukunta Tiru Residency Dayal Gardens Phase - II Vasant Valley

About us:

Our beginning
Anuradha Properties has an impeccable track record of 10 years in providing residential and farmhouse developments in various parts of Hyderabad and Bangalore.

Within a span of 10 years since its inception, Anuradha Properties has transformed more than 600 acres of land into most sought after plots and farm houses.

The layouts completed so far have provided more than 2000 residential and farm house plots with well laid infrastructural facilities and services.

Our Promise and commitment
Anuradha Properties is committed to quality and places highest regard for providing best value for our customers’ investment. We at Anuradha Properties are committed to develop a unique dwelling environment where features and specifications translate into a better quality of life for any individual, while preserving the sanctity of a clean and green environment, and offering the best in quality, comfort and technology.

Respecting the sentiments of our clients, Anuradha Properties maintains strict adherence to ‘Vastu’ principles in all our ventures without compromising on the quality and comfort.

Our Team and Strength
The entire team at Anuradha Properties is lead by the dynamic and pragmatic leadership of Mr. Ramchandra Reddy. The team includes several qualified and experienced personnel from diverse background such as architecture, planning, engineering, management, marketing, legal advisory and finance. The entire team shares the common aim of the company and collectively endeavours to realise the vision of the company.

Our team is structured to offer one stop solutions to the entire range of requirements of our clients under one roof.

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