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KINGSLEY Estates is founded by a highly committed and distinctive group of Realtors who are gaining in reputation for their blend of passionate work and professionalism. With an impressive track record of more than a decade in the area of estate development and management the company is desirous to execute projects containing world class infrastructural facilities.

Mr P. Rajesh Reddy - the Managing Director, has an experience of more than 10 years in the industry and has the vision unmatched in the industry. Finished his Post Graduation in Commerce and started his career in Real Estate 10 years back with an experience of more than 20 projects.

At KINGSLEY Estates we believe in giving the best quality of living space where the dreams of every investor are realized and desires are fulfilled. This spirit can be seen in every project of the company in which best quality of facilities and customer satisfaction has paramount importance. In reality KINGSLEY Estates promises to deliver more than its share of commitments and everything beyond your expectations and imaginations to leave you astounded.

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