Gold Coast – by Suchirindia Developers (P) Limited

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Just imagine a COAST and think GOLD………Wow! That’s a double luxury and when it comes from a leading player in real estate growth and development, ISO-9001 :2000 certified SUCHIRINDIA DEVELOPER (P) LTD, then it’s time to uncork the champagne bottles and celebrate.

SUCHIRINDIA DEVELOPER PVT LTD is a colossus in the Real Estate Industry and India’s 1st Real estate business house to be certified as ISO-9001 :2000. A decade plus company with an exemplary track record; it is a brand with a remarkable success ratio of 20 plus ventures such as Romana County, Mount Vegas, Bloomz, Vintage Valley, Phoenix Port, etc,

GOLD COAST is the next big wave to strike your chords with its fabulous eye-catching spectacle of nature’s incredible charm and manmade fascinating comforts. Just what the good old doctor would advise you to do……….invest your savings in it and watch your earnings from it soar.

Well-located at a strategic place close to the prestigious Hyderabad-Vijaywada National Highway-9 and the world class Mount Opera Multi-theme Park, GOLD COAST is a magnet investment for a safe and secured FUTURE. What’s makes it even more attractive investment choice is its connectivity to the hub of state’s commercial activity, Vijaywada, a city that hums with round the clock activities, a city that is a business bazaar and a city that’s referred to as a PHARMACY CITY

An added bonus is an elite membership in our two fascinating recreation spots, Mount Opera Multi-Theme Park and Darling Cave. When the mood gets to you, you can zip off with your near and dear ones in tow to these fabulous manmade wonders and drink its heady brew. Ah! That’s the elixir of the highest enjoyment………..

HYDERABAD is the place to be in and GOLD COAST is the place to invest in, a wise decision taken now is a wise move later, it’s as simple at that.

Modern Life is demanding and a bundle of chaos, work and responsibilities, stress and tension go hand-in-hand to a destination that has no end. But there is one end, that’s GOLD COAST , a destination for your perfect investment and living…………..your wild goose chase terminates here at GOLD COAST. YAHOO!


GOLD COAST is a 24 karat Pure Gold, with facilities that is right up to your liking. When you hear it, it’s unbelievable and when you see it, it’s unimaginable. It’s simply too good to be true..
  • B. T. Roads
  • Running water pipelines
  • Sewage Lines
  • Barbed wire fencing to the public places
  • Overhead tank
  • Under Ground Electrical Cabling
  • Tiles Paved
  • Street lighting
  • Footpaths with curbing stones
  • Avenue Plantation
  • Club House
  • Fully Developed Parks

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